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Optical and Lenses

At Kaluzne Vision Care we offer the latest styles in frames, sunglasses and some of the most advanced lens technology on the market.  We pride our selves on offering our patients the BEST!

The brands of frames in our optical are constantly being changed to keep up with the every changing fashion industry.  Whether you are looking for that classic style or the latest and most fashionable pair of frames we have you covered.  You do not need an appointment.  Just stop by and one of frame stylist will be glad to help you.

Our professional frame stylist at will take the time to help you select the right frame and color that best suits you.  They are also always on hand if you need an adjustment, need to replace a screw or lost nose pad.  And of course these services are FREE to all of our patients.

At Kaluzne Vision Care we love technology and know our patients do too.  We are proud to offer the VisiOffice by Essilor.  This is the latest and most advanced fitting system.  It takes numerous measurements to personalize your new lenses for your face and the frame you select.  By having the VisiOffice it allows us to offer our patients the most advanced lenses on the market. No more measuring by head with a ruler!  The VisiOffice is very accurate and can measure down to the tenth of a millimeter. 
No one wants glare to be an issue with there glasses.  We solve this problem by suggesting that all of our patients have Crizal anti-glare treatments on their lenses.  Not only does this treatment minimize glare but it protects your lenses from being scratched.  The best part is the 2 year warranty against scratching, peeling or flaking.

We also offer the option of transition lenses.  When added to your lenses they will darken when going from inside to outside and just the opposite happens when you go from outside to inside.

Don’t you just hate it when you lenses fog up and you can’t see?!  Opifog makes sure this is never a problem again.  Ask to see a demo of this amazing product when you are visiting our optical.  
Lenses can also be made of many different materials.  Dr. Kaluzne always recommends Polycarbonate lens for ALL of his patients.  This material is very lightweight and it is one of the SAFEST materials due to its high impact resistance.  ALL children should be in polycarbonate lenses due to this enhanced safety feature.  
Do you have a higher prescription and hate those think lenses? 
We also offer Hi-Index materials that make your lenses thinner and lighter.  As you can see from the chart above the higher your prescription the bigger diffence in lens thickness.